Going full underwater

Going full underwater is one of the most common activities we have to deal with in Koh Tao. It is the Thai island with the clearest waters, so obviously it becomes a primary choice for those who want to explore the underwater world. The clarity is so impressive that you can literally see people doing the same thing yards away.

Going underwater does not require anything special. You do not even need to know how to swim. You will always have a professional instructor guiding you around and helping you move. No experience is needed. Chances are you will enjoy it even if this is the first time you do it. Going underwater will bring in a series of marvelous adventures – you might run into some unique species, but you will also admire the bottom of the water.

Discovering the underworld

The underworld will always leave some room for discoveries – things that will make your day. It is the type of experience where you go to a completely new environment, explore it and pick some souvenirs – all these happening on the bottom.

The waters around Koh Tao are known for being some of the cleanest in the world. You will not find any rubbish on the bottom, but perhaps some old shells. Look around underwater plants, find harmless creatures and realize how small we are when compared to the nature surrounding us – top experience.

Group diving

Group diving is even better than individual diving because you are surrounded by friends and family in your exploring adventure.

Make sure you bring your camera. If you do not have a waterproof camera, we always have a cameraman waiting nearby in case he is needed. He will join in, take a video of the entire experience, edit it on the spot and write it on a DVD for you. You are basically having the experience of a lifetime while a professional cameraman is capturing everything about it. How cool is that?

Discovering the wildlife

There will always be wildlife around you when you go underwater around Koh Tao. However, some experiences are just better than others. We cannot guarantee anything because we simply cannot control the local wildlife.

What we can promise you is that we will take you to the most common places to see rare creatures. You will see massive tortoises looking for food around you, as well as sharks – nothing to worry about. Basking sharks have no teeth and feed on plants only, despite looking aggressive. They are harmless.