We recommend booking early over the Internet

It is highly recommended to book your tickets over the Internet. You can pay at the gates as well, yet you risk having to wait in queues for long times and missing all the spots. Having an early reservation will prevent that.

Booking online can be done in several ways. You can either complete our form or just get in touch with us. Go to the contact page and send us an email with all the information, such as guests' names and ages if they qualify for our discounts.

Booking over the phone is also accepted. Go to the contact page and call us asking for booking. Required proof for discounts must be shown by the gates.

Even if you book online, you will need to wait for your turn. We recommend visiting and booking us early in the morning to avoid disappointment. The later in the day you show up, the more likely you are to lose your spot. You can come over any time of the day out of the season though.