Swimming pool

The swimming pool on site is free for our guests. If you are not a guest, there will be an entry fee. Students, children, families and groups benefit from discounts. There are a few sun beds available on site, as well as beautiful views over the surroundings. Umbrellas are also available if you do not feel comfortable in the heat.

There are multiple facilities on site. Most importantly, you have a bar serving both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. While the pool is open round the clock, the bar will only be open from 8AM to 11PM, seven days a week. The same rule applies to the restaurant on site. Enjoy the tasty Thai cuisine, but make sure you do it within the opening hours. Again, families, children, groups and students benefit from a series of discounts.


If the swimming pool is not your thing and you want to be surrounded by beautifully colored wildlife, go down the deck and enjoy swimming in a more natural environment. Just like the pool, this deck is open round the clock.

The deck can only be accessed by our guests. While you can always swim around, you are free to leave your towel and stuff on one of the sun beds by the swimming pool. After all, the deck is right next to it. The only request we have is that you be careful with the slippery rocks before getting into the water.

Dining opportunities

The restaurant on site is ideal for those who live in our facilities. Our tours will also take you to other similar places though.

Our restaurant is based on the Thai cuisine, yet you will also find a few international dishes – such as Italian, French, South American or Eastern European. It only opens up at 11AM. If you are hungry before that, you can always check the smaller restaurant by the swimming pool, which opens up at 8AM. Keep in mind that our tours will let you explore other restaurants too.

Local lifestyle

Interested in exploring the local lifestyle? Locals enjoy a simple lifestyle based on fishing, gardening and light commerce. Our tours will take you to some of the local villages, yet our main resort is also surrounded by a beautiful setting.

Exploring around is free of charge if you go by yourself. The place is extremely safe and there is no way you will get lost. However, if you opt for an organized group, there will be a fee. We will take you to local facilities and amenities, introduce you to others' lifestyle and their everyday tasks and activities in Koh Tao.

Wildlife exploration

Exploring the underwater wildlife has never been easier. If you are experienced, feel free to rent some equipment and go underwater yourself.

If you are not a professional, stick to one of our instructor for an organized tour. You do not really need to know how to swim, as an expert will help you move around. Discover some interesting species, such as large tortoises, beautiful fish and even basking sharks – a large specie with no teeth that hides on plants only. They do look scary and provide a unique face to face experience though.